How We Got Started

The Tokering was born in, and inspired by the Los Angeles, California smoke culture. The Tokering is the first functional piece of jewelry made for those who enjoy smoking socially, but are also concerned about the spread of germs. 

The Tokering was born when our inventor was having a session with some friends, and one of the participants disclosed that he had recently been, "eating some ass". The inventor, disgusted that his friend would disrespect the blunt and ruin it for everyone, said to himself, "Never Again!" 

And then the work beganA year later, we are proud to present the world's first personal smoking accessory. 

The Tokering.
Customized to fit joints, cones, and blunts. The Tokering is always with you. The Tokering is the must have smoking accessory for anyone who has ever wondered, "Where the fucks this muthafuckas mouth been?" We hope you enjoy our product, and look out for new rings coming soon.